The Littlest Druid makes her staff

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Aisling sat in front of the stone frustrated. Her assignment was to copy the spirals on the stone onto her new staff. She had finally earned it and it would be presented to the village by the Chief Druid at the Solstice gathering tonight but she had to finish it first.

She was supposed to carve the spirals onto the staff and be able to recite as many Threes as she could. All the threes the spirals represented to the Gathering to show she was ready to move to the next step of her training. Every time she tried to carve it she ended up sanding it out. If this kept up she’d be giving the Chief Druid a toothpick instead of a staff.

Her eyes hurt from staring at the stone. She’d been at it since early morning and it was her last test. She wanted it to be…

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