UUFF Summer Solstice Ritual 2013

Ozark Pagan Mamma

This year, we had a Summer Solstice ritual at my local UU! We have had many Pagan holidays there before, but this was the first time we had a Summer Solstice there! It was also the first time the Fellowship had a Druid-style ritual. We had a pretty good turnout, even though a lot of members were gone to the UU General Assembly. The following is the script we used, much of it adaptations of my favorite liturgy from the ADF website. Our little group of planners divided up the parts amongst ourselves (speaking parts in italics) and those who did each Hallow, jointly called the Gatekeeper.


Purification: Carry fire around ritual site [saying “Thunor (or “gods/spirits of fire”) hallow this holy stead. “] and smudge site with juniper long before people arrive, to let the smoke dissipate (in case someone has allergies to the…

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