A Witches Magick Moon, But a Shaman’s Truth.


A Witches Magick Moon; A Shaman’s Truth

Many people assume, or think that the Full Moon has magickal abilities or powers. It doesn’t.

Many cultures attribute
the full moon to be able to shape-change animals, men, women and aid
witches in the ability to cast glamors as well as Vampires and Faeries
and elves.

The moon is a big ball
of rock, it has no magickal abilities at all. It lights up at night due
to the percentage of the sunlight on it due to the sunlight shining on
the other-side of the world while The Northern Hemisphere or Vice
versus, is in Shadow and Darkness or night. This is common sense, yet
many people attribute the moon to having the ability to make them more
powerful or able to wield more magick, when it’s just not true.

However, it doesn’t
stop people magickal or otherwise from holding full moon events, gathers

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